At Domostadt Bozikas-Xaidas S.A, we stay by your side in every stage of the project, providing quality services based on your needs.

Sale of apartments and houses

We construct houses according to the most recent developments at the field of building.

Renting of stores

We provide stores and offices for renting in projection sites at the North Suburbs.

Renovations of houses and business/professional spaces

We renovate totally your space with innovative and modern architectural proposals.

Licensing of stores with sanitary interest

We undertake for you the procedure of publication a relative license.

Publication of building licenses

We realize the online application for the publication of building license.

Woodworking/ Carpentry’s works

We create wooden constructions and undertake woodworking projects with work guarantee.

Regulations/Affirmations for arbitrary buildings with Ν.4495/17

We realize for you the procedure of regulation and affirmation for the arbitrary building based on your needs.


Let’s talk together for your own project.