The available sources from ESPA 2014-2020 reach proximately 250 million euros, while the total budget of the program, including the private funds, is expected to reach 500 million of euros.
The budget of every application should not exceed 25.000 euros while the character of the new program is that it isn’t need a bank loan and basically through the online application, people will be able to choose if they will demand to grant a loan or not. Then, if they fulfilled the requirements of participation, they would have the capability to choose the financial institution to which they will be addressed, without their physical presence, and which will examine their creditworthiness.

At the new program, houses, apartment buildings and single apartments can be integrated and have financial license or another document of legalization. Especially, for the apartment buildings, you have the right of integration to the program -it will be assumed that each will be treated as one residence, as one unit.
Eligible residence is:

• Used as the main residence.
• It is legal, it is not arbitrary.
• It has been classified under the Energy Efficiency Certificate of the First Energy Inspection in a category less than or equal to D.

The new program now includes 7 categories:

Category Ιndividual income Family income Basic rate of subsidy Increase subsidy per Protected Member Maximum subsidy Amount
1 Εως 10.000 Εως 20.000 60% 5% 70%
2 10.00 έως 20.000 20.000 Εως 25.000 50% 5% 70%
2 10.000 έως 15.000 25.000 έως 30.000 40% 5% 70%
3 15.000 έως 20.000 25.000 έως 30.000 40% 5% 70%
4 20.000 έως 25.000 30.000 έως 35.000 35% 5% 70%
5 25.000 έως 30.000 35.000 έως 40.000 30% 5% 50%
6 30.000 έως 35.000 40.000 έως 45.000 25% 5% 50%
7 35.000 έως 40.000 45.000 έως 50.000 0% 0% 0%

From the above table, the new categories are added based on the social and income criteria of the beneficiaries. Priority is given to the integration of families with children (5% for each minor member – up to 2 children) and households with low incomes. The 7th category, although it cannot receive a grant, can benefit from the program through an interest-free loan.
The big innovation introduced by the new “Home Savings” is the disconnection of the loan commitment from participation in the program. Therefore, a bank is not required to receive a loan.
The budget of each application will not exceed € 25,000.

Interested citizens will be able to complete their application form through the dedicated website and program platform where they will check whether they meet the above criteria. Please note that applications will only be made electronically, and the online application will be responsible for a responsible statement. By simplifying the application process, citizens are facilitated, as well as the bureaucracy.

Also, via the online application, interested parties will be able to choose whether to apply for a loan or not. Then, if they meet the conditions for participation, they will have the option of choosing the financial institution to which they will address, without their physical presence, which will then examine their creditworthiness.

The necessary requirement for joining the program is to conduct an energy audit by an Energy Inspector, who will issue the required Energy Performance Certificate. Subsequently, interventions will be selected according to the findings / results of the inspection, aiming at achieving maximum energy savings and maximum improvement of the energy efficiency of the dwellings.

Once the interventions have been implemented, a second energy audit will be carried out to check whether the targets have been met and, consequently, the corresponding subsidy has been achieved.

It should be noted that the cost of the Energy Inspector will be covered by the Program provided that the application has received the required approval.

The interventions which may be made by stakeholders will concern the following categories:
1. Replacement of Frames.
2. Installation of shading systems.
3. Installation of thermal insulation in the building shell including the roof / roof and the garage.
4. Upgrade of heating system.
5. Upgrading a hot water supply system.

The above interventions should:
Satisfy the minimum requirements of KENAK
Achieve a primary energy savings of more than 40% of the consumption (kWh / m2) of the reference building for categories 1 and 2 of the table

Achieve a primary energy savings of more than 70% of the consumption (kWh / m2) of the reference building for the other categories

The donation has been made by the Hellenic Banking Association of the information system through which the submission of applications will be made in order to facilitate the citizens and ensure transparency in the service of applications based on the absolute time series submission.

It is important that in the new Home Saving; stakeholders will have the opportunity to submit their application until the programmed chapters of the Program per Region are covered. In practice, this means that the online submission platform will close as soon as the funds are exhausted. This would avoid the major problem inherited by previous governments of outstanding applications that were not covered as the required funds had not been secured.
For any help on the new program, citizens will be able to get information via a Help Desk, a telephone number that will be operational soon, and on the website of the Ministry of Environment and Energy.